Brunch Sandwiches

Brunch is always good! It’s my favorite meal of the day! I could have brunch every day, any day. I like the plain ones with just sandwiches, bacon and egg, I like the ones where they serve champagne, or the ones where they have fresh orange juice.. Brunch with pie or brunch with quiche.. as I said, brunch is always a good idea! It is also my new trick in gathering friends 🙂 Trying to set a date in the weekend with my friends seemed impossible during weekend evenings.. So I switched to mornings! And it works! When I organize a brunch I always try to have a mix of salt and sweet treats. Today I’ll show you two of my favorite sandwiches to make! They are sooo good 🙂 you have to give them a try!

The Blue Bacon

IMG_5574The Snitchel Sandwich

Sandwiches 1 : The Blue Bacon

  • Blueberry jam (no replacing, has to be blueberry)
  • one big baguette or small sandwiches (or just the type of sandwiches you like)
  • 250 gr of really finely sliced bacon (ask your butcher really nicely to make an effort for you 🙂 )

Sandwich 2 : Snitchel Sandwich

  • Homemade or store bought tartar sauce
  • Homemade: 2 eggs, 4 tablespoons mayonnaise, 2 teaspoons capers, 4 small sour pickles, pepper and salt
  • 2 big pieces of Snitchel (the famous German meat)
  • Some lettuces

IMG_5578For The blue bacon spread out the bacon on an oven tray and bake them until they are crispy (oven 180 degree’s, for about 15 min but check regularly, it strongly depends on how thin you bacon is sliced). Try to take away some of the access fat with a paper towel. Put the bread in the oven for 5 minutes so it crisps up a bit. Then spread some blueberry jam on the bread and put the bacon on top of it. Tadaaaa, a match made in heaven!!

For the Snitchel Sandwiches. If you are going to make the tartar sauce yourself start by boiling the eggs. For about 10 minutes in boiling water. Let them cool down and peal the shell off. Crush the eggs in a bowl. Then chopped up the capers and sour pickles and add them to the mixture. Add the mayonnaise and finish with some pepper and salt (careful with the salt, the capers are already salty) mix everything and set aside.

Bake the snitchel in a frying pan in some butter or olive oil. Heat the bread in the oven until crispy. Then assemble the sandwich, tartar sauce, lettuce and snitchel. Yummie, your male brunch public is going to be very happy with this sandwich!



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